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I make stuff.

I've been making things for as long as I can remember.

If I'm not painting stuff for myself, I'm researching and testing the best way to make the next thing. 

I'm bringing pogs back and nobody can stop me. I'm designing small shelves to keep your cool toys on. I'm playtesting an original card game. I drew a comic about an octopus that a friend wrote that I'll finish a second issue of, someday.

I love new wave music and Jethro Tull, skulls, sushi, toys shaped like food, terrible superheroes, toys shaped like Batman, and things that are beautiful and ugly.

Art/design credits include:

- Original trading cards for Topps / Star Wars / Lucasfilm, Suckpax
- Internal album art for Partisan Records (Deer Tick)
- Album cover art for Headhat Records, The Lost Wheels, Ross Boyd
- Character & commercial design for Topricin
- Gamification badge suites for GameFriends, Game On Berlin, Wine Trail Adventures, FoodFinder & many others
- Illustrations for Geek Monthly Magazine, NFG Magazine, Inside Fashion, Wrestling 101
- App designs for Nightmare (N2R Games), GUTS, Crazy Cat Lady, Monster Machine, Annoying Zombies, Hunted & many more
- Best-selling Amazon Ebook illustrations for 'Chloe Zoe & the Very Odd Hole'
- T-shirts for Threadless, Dirty Microbe